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Holy Food Security Batman we’re in Crisis

May 19, 2011

We all want to be healthy & happy, but not all people live on farms where food is freshly available

Let’s face it, in North America we waste 40% of our food resources, so as I walk through a grocery store in an upscale neighborhood I am grasping my chest — an anxiety attack has come on — this is ridiculous!

With societal issues like poverty and child hunger you’d think that we would figure out how to share. But, unfortunately that’s not the case with our major grocery providers. And that said, many people are still unaware that we as a species are in a food crisis.

I am lucky that for the majority of my 20’s I have lived in rural communities where harvesting my food — wild blackberries, herbs, oysters, native plants, mushrooms — was an option. But now, being newly urbanized, I am meeting more and more young artists who turned to dumpster diving to keep them alive.

I remember years ago reading an article in Jane Magazine about Montreal divers. I was living in Vancouver at the time and as a regular sub-urban 20 year old I was kind of disgusted. But now, as a young artist with high overhead (bills, rent and the like) who chooses to work on non-profit and charitable projects, I am grateful that people have figured this out. And I am even more grateful that people are able to subtract their ego from equation when embarking on dumpster diving missions. Hell, if you’ve never thought about this concept before, you would be surprised what you can find in there.

Check out the trailer for Dive!, a documentary about food security issues in the US, for more information. Artist Jeremy Seifert has been able to capture the real issues of our food crisis. People are in need everywhere and North America is a major resource buster.

Some people use the term “free-ganism” to define people who choose to extract major resources from the environment that would otherwise be wasted. I’m unsure of this term — to me this is just smart.

This method of cultivation isn’t easily done either. Its not like someone can just walk up to a dumpster and take things out in the light of day. This method of food security is illegal and grocery stores often pad-lock their dumpsters, as if these products (even though in the trash) are royal gems. In my opinion, these people should get awards, not handcuffs, for working so hard.

Check out My Dumpster Diving Adventures for photos of what can be found in US dumpsters.

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