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Let’s Talk about Seeds Baby!

May 17, 2011

An Inter-Oakland, CA, garden created by Natural builder & friend, Gonzalo H.

This morning as I checked into my email I found a really exciting message. A local person had seen my advertisement for “Living Food Boxes”, an initiative that I am trying to start in Hamilton, ON. Its kinda like a windowsill CSA — a person can purchase a bin with an installed drainage system, soil & grown seedlings. And within a space about the same size of a large recycling box you can grow an indoor garden. This idea was inspired by Toronto’s Big Carrot Living Food Box program. Take a look at Zora’s informative video on the program.

Now, back to the original topic, I got an email this morning asking “where can I buy non-GMO seeds in Canada?” This is a question that is so inspiring to me — thanks for asking new friend.

So let’s talk about seeds baby!

In Ontario I know of a couple of options:

Greta’s Organic Gardens — owned and operated by 70-year-old Greta — is located in Gloucester, Ontario. They feature 377 species of tomatoes, 40+ herbs, 40+ flowers, 25+ species of  cucumber & 25+species of lettuce. Orders can be done on-line or through a selection of stores & farmer markets throughout Ontario.

Urban Harvest, Toronto’s inter-city seed harvesters, have a great selection of vegetable, herb, fruit & flower seeds. Their selections even includes rare flowers like the black hollyhock — a wonderful selection when creating your flower garden of death — just joking. Orders can be done on-line or you can purchase their seeds from their store located close to Lansdown (between Dundas & Queen), The Big Carrot or from a selection of markets in the GTA.

And from Canada’s west coast I know of 2 organic, GMO-free & heirloom seed providers:

West Coast Seeds features untreated, non-GMO seeds for organic growing. This provider is definitely one of the largest & most well known seed providers in Canada and sells a selection of books, supplies & other resources on their website. West Coast Seeds facilitates gardening courses & classes at their retail shop in Ladner, BC including container gardening, gardening for beginners & beekeeping. Orders can be made on-line or by mail-order catalog.

However, the most inspirational seed farm that I know of is located on Saltspring Island, BC. Saltspring Seeds has been promoting safe & sustainable agriculture for 20+ years and has been run by Saltspring’s Dan Jason since the beginning. This seed provider, although Canadian, also sells seeds through US seed providers Bountiful Seeds & Fedco — good work Dan. Canadian orders can be done on-line & through their mail-order catalog.

Saltspring Seeds is also the purveyor of The Seed Sanctuary a charitable organization “dedicated to the health & vitality of the earth through the preservation & promotion of heritage seeds.”


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