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Top Ten Reasons to Support Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).

May 12, 2011

Who doesn't like hand-picked tomatoes, zucchini & herbs, delivered straight to your door.

The importance of food security hits home — literally. More and more people are getting on board to share the wealth of the harvest by signing up for a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).

With farms starting these initiatives close to most cities, and some inter-urban roof-top & backyard farms, there are many reasons why a family would want to become a CSA member.

Top Ten Reasons to Support Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)

1.Saving $$ – Within our own family circle of 7 people, we were able to save approx. $3000 this summer by purchasing CSA shares and chicken/beef from a local, ethical farm. Take a look at the breakdown on the post Saving Money by Supporting Local Farmers

2. Support your Local Economy – Your money goes directly into the soil close to your home, helping local farmers to continue their work & then, in a cyclic pattern, give back to local companies & businesses.

3. Saving Oil – By farmers delivering your food to your home or to your local farmer’s market oil usage is cut. As you know, most of our grocery store food is shipped from other regions of the world, which creates higher oil usage & food cost.

4. Perpetuity of your Local Ecology – Most CSA’s are collectives of 2 or more local farms — which helps to support the ecological growth of your area, which helps smaller farms to continue their mission to farm in an organic manner.

5. Get out to the Farm – Most farms are happy to allow families to volunteer on their farms, assisting more people to have the knowledge on how to grow their own food sources. Taking your children to farm is the easiest way for them to get involved. Its amazing how much kids LOVE playing in dirt — and its fun for adults too.

6.  Your Money Supports Worthwhile Initiatives –  By paying in advance for your food it allows farmers in your area to continue farming in a viable, sustainable, organic way. This sustains the land and allows your farmers to afford to pay workers, have interns and farm your food.

7. Community events, dinners & fundraisers – Getting to know the land doesn’t mean getting your hands dirty. Most CSA involved farms open their doors for community dinners, fundraisers, kid oriented events or weekend farm tours.

8.  Supporting young people to get involved in the land. Many of your local organic farms now offer  internships or educational farm programs. With money going straight into local farms it ensures that these programs will continue. In the long run that means that a new generation of farmers will be able to reach their farming dreams.

9. Home Delivery. Who doesn’t like hand-picked tomatoes, zucchini & herbs, delivered straight to your door.

10. Feel the Land – Most CSA farmers say that by mid-season most of their members start referring to their land as “Our Farm”. As you get involved with your food, you get to know the land, you get to know your neighbors and you get to support the ecological systems of your region — I’d buy that any day.

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