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Saving Money — YES $$ — by Supporting Local Farmers

May 11, 2011

Zucchini...Fresh on the Farm

Our communal family is large. It consists of 7 people . Myself & 2 room-mates live in one home and our “den mother” and her family of 3 in another.

Most of us, until recently, were buying individual groceries. This method of living was costly on all of our pockets, however I am sure that our grocery store was LOVING us.

But after assessing our individual needs we found out that we could save $3000 + collectively this summer.

Our Farmers are:

1. Simpler Thyme Farm, in Hamilton, ON, who’s vegetable CSA is $550 for 20 weeks. They offer 10 items per week for a full CSA share. We’re also able to purchase a 1/2 CSA share or another full share if we find that there aren’t enough veggies to feed all of us. A 1/2 share is $275 for 20 weeks.

2. Plan B Organic Farm, in Flamborough, ON, offers a seasonal Fruit Share, which includes berries & orchard fruits for $300 for 20 weeks. We’re able to purchase more than 1 share if we find that we need more fruit. We also have the option to order once per week or bi-weekly.

3. Fenwood Farm in Ancaster, ON, sells organic and naturally-grown chicken, turkey, beef & pork. By ordering in bulk the farm offers a $0.60 per lb. savings. For 16 pounds of chicken we are looking at an approx. cost of $115.00. As for beef we are looking at an approx. cost of $3.95 per lb. I have never ordered 1/4 of cow before but I believe that it would be approx 50lb. making the total cost $197.50.

We’ve decided to purchase  1x CSA, 1x Fruit-Share + chicken & beef and divide it amongst the crew.

$$ Breakdown:

CSA $550 per share = $78.50 per person for 20 weeks (divided by 7x)
Fruit CSA $300 per share = $50 per person for 20 weeks (divided by 6x)
Meat — Approx $315 = $52.50 per person (divided by 6x)
Total = $1165, $181.00 per person for approx. 20 weeks (except for our one room-mate who is interested in the vegetable share only. He would pay only 78.50)

Total for 4 person Household = $724.00
2 Room-mates = $362.00
3rd Room-mate= $78.50

With this option keep in mind that we’ll still be buying things at the farmer’s market + breads/carbs/stuff at the grocery store.

You may ask,  “what about all of that excess food?” Well, written into our draft is a plan for communal cooking. At the end of the week we will bring together all of the excess food and as the house-hold chef I will have an small part-time job of cooking and preserving our food. This means that our family will be eating healthy all winter long. And this also means that there will be many more recipes on this blog in the near future.

If you are located in Southern Ontario check out Green Venture’s CSA Guide.

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