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Recipe: Ethical Beef Stew

May 6, 2011

Black Walnut Lane Farm-Stand at The Hamilton Farmer's Market

Once a week I visit my local farmer’s market and stop in to speak to the farmers of Black Walnut Lane Farm. The ladies at Black Walnut Lane are brilliant. Each one is a farmer, farm manager, farm owner or family member. Their lamb, beef, boar & bison are raised in an ethical, grass-fed, free-range method. And at their stand they offer delicious & nutritious home-cooked meals.

I like the idea that I can speak to the farmer while buying their product.  I get to know the family who I am supporting. When I buy their products I am ensured that their farming methods meet my own personal beliefs. Plus, they always ask if I would like to come tour their farm one day.

This is unlike buying meat in the supermarket. This meat isn’t saran wrapped. I know that there are no chemical or hormonal injections. Instead, their product is fresh, unlike so much of our grocery-store bought food.

Ethical Beef Stew

Everything you need for a great beef stew can be found at your local farmers market.

Items that you will need are:

1 fennel root, 1 white onion,  3 carrots, 4 potatoes, 1/2 head cabbage, 1 package ethical beef tenderloin or stewing beef, cumin, cayenne pepper, sea salt, fresh pepper

  • Chop all vegetables & beef into cubes
  • Saute chopped Fennel & Onion on medium heat in Sunflower or Safflower oil
  • Toss in approx. 1 Tbsp. each of cumin, cayenne pepper, salt & pepper (go easy on the cayenne & pepper if you would like a more mild flavor).
  • Add 5 cups water.
  • Allow water to heat & add beef
  • When water is to a boil add vegetables
  • Turn to medium heat & continue cooking for 45 min-1 hour.
  • TIP: You may need to add more water during the 45 min-1 hour cooking period. Add 1 cup at a time.

Other inspirational ethical meat farms to check out:

Tara Firma Farm, Petaluma, CA offers beef, chicken, eggs, turkey & pork that are raised in an free-ranged, grass-fed method on their environmentally-friendly, family run farm.

Polyface Inc. which is managed by Joel Salatin, who has been acclaimed as America’s most influential farmer after being featured in Michael Pollen’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. To view a great video on Ted Talks by Joel Salatin press here

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