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Sustainable Cereal Boxes are Keeping our Forests Alive!

May 4, 2011

Trees in Hesquiat Peninsula Provincial ,Park, Clayoquot Sound, BC

Living in rural communities over the years I have seen first hand the necessity of our forests. In the current state of the world, trees, forests, birds, wolves, cougar, bear and all of our forest friends, are in need of protection.

Its hard to fully understand the cost of logging, especially when we live in urban environments where our connection with nature doesn’t seem as important.

Almost every moment in our lives has to do with paper nowadays. When I buy something I receive a paper receipt, I buy everything in boxes, I write, I print articles, I use toilet paper. I can’t get away from using paper in this world, but I do have the choice on what paper products I buy.

Today I picked up a box of Puffins, a natural cereal made by Barbara’s Organics in Petaluma, CA, and I was impressed with the information on the label of their box. By using Green Choice 100 paper products by Strathcona Paper in Ontario, they were able to save 5,499 trees, 111,854,709 litres of water and reduce 933,773 kgs of landfill waste.

Its a simple feat for Barbara’s Organics. Like any other company they sourced their product, designed their label and have boxes shipped to their factory. The more difficult feat is to get companies on-board of the sustainability/resiliency movement.

NGO Forest Ethics has been working since 2000 to protect Endangered Forests, wildlife and human well-being by getting companies/corporations to offer sustainable solutions. Former Forest Ethic’s Campaign Director, Tzeporah Berman, once explained at the Bioneer’s conference that Forest Ethics team members started their work by following BC logging trucks — this sounds like hard work but well-worth their efforts. (To stream this influential presentation by Tzeporah on Eco-Shock radio press here).

Through the work done by Forest Ethics, and other similar initiatives, Forest Stewardship Council of Canada Certified, (FSC Certification) products are now available through many corporations such as Staples Business Depot, Home Depot and other companies.

By purchasing products that are FSC Certified you are ensuring that our Canadian forests continue to provide clean water, purify the air, maintain biodiversity & provide habitat for species.

The truth of the paper industry is that many BC forests are in jeopardy due to unsustainable forest practices in Canada. With only 8% of our original growth forest left in Canada its detrimental to our health as a species to make sustainable choices in paper products.

Its a little challenging to think of — but if your cereal box, Kleenex box, favorite magazine or newspaper, was clearly labelled  “Made from the Ancient-Growth trees from the Boreal Forest, Clayoquot Sound & Great Bear Rainforest“, would you buy it? Unfortunately, there are no such statements and that is why its important to look at the label.

They say that with knowledge comes responsibility and I concur. Often times, if I like a certain product, I call the company to introduce new ideas. I’m ecstatic when I pick up a product that’s FSC Certified or Green Choice 100. I like the idea that I am buying a product that is more sustainable than another — although I have NO expectation that you will do the same.

If we all chip in and do a little piece we can ensure that our original growth forests continue to stand. Our future depends on it.

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