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Becoming Resilient: Ideas and Ideals for Changing Times

April 29, 2011

After traveling North America for the last several years while “studying” different farming practices and being intrigued by the lives lived by the people in such places, I have returned to urban-living.

What I am finding is that “community” and “sustainability” are not far-out words and that, in fact, people everywhere are binding together to create communities that are suitable to their ideals.

Its not a new thing, I know. Its not strange to want to find friends who live similarly to how you do. But it is new that people are gathering more and more to end the deprivation of the earth. It is important now, more than ever, to live in a way that will last a life-time.

This is where the idea of “Becoming Resilient” comes in. Its not enough to live in a “sustainable” fashion. Living “sustainably” means that we will continue to live the way we currently are…just a little bit more “earth-friendly”. But that’s not enough. We need to rebuild our communities, our health, our top-soil. We need to Become Resilient.

Creating Change is EASY — Once You’ve Seen a Successful Design Plan.

This blog has been set up as an inspirational forum about projects already happening in North America — with easy-to-do projects, community design plans, nutritional guidelines and motivational reminders on making change in yourself to better your community.

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